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Chicago Cubs and St. Louis Cardinals Fan Talk

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Places We Love!

Cardinals Nation 24/7

If you follow the Cardinals all day, every day then you must check out this site!  Over 8,000 members and they're always posting the latest news!  Awesome page!  Like and Share!

Cardinals Nation 24/7 Facebook Page

Two Birds on a Bat

One of our favorite Cardinals podcasts.  Great Fans + they have former 2 time gold glover and World Series Champion Bengie Molina on the show.  Check them out!

Two Birds on a Bat!

Bleacher Nation

Cubs fan?  This is a great place to visit.  Some of the smartest Cubs fans around.  Always up-to-date with the latest news and rumors, great sense of humor, and never miss a story!  Visit their site http://www.bleachernation.com and check them out on Twitter @BleacherNation

Bleacher Nation Webiste

Chicago Cubs True Fans!

Awesome Cubs fan page with tons of followers!

Chicago Cubs True Fans Facebook Page

Cardinals Podcast Network

Josh Potter's creation!  A consolidated page on Facebook that brings Cardinals Podcasts together for the fans!

Cardinals Podcast Network

Meet me at Musial!

Awesome Cardinals fans!  Friends of our show and just really good guys.  Check them out for some great discussion about the St. Louis Cardinals!  Their Star Wars fans too, so check out their bonus episodes!

Meet Me at Musial


Let us know how we're doing or perhaps join us for an episode.

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