Bonus Episode @ the Trade Deadline with Guest Kyle Reis!

The guys had to gather at an uncommon day of the week to talk through this absolutely insane trade deadline where we witnessed an uncommon amount of transactions!  To help them make sense of this chaos, they called in Kyle Reis of Birds on the Black and Chris from Cardinals Nation 24/7.   Kyle didn't disappoint at all as he gave his analysis and takes on what the Cardinals dealt for and with interspurts of Cubs talk and their situation with the delicate Yu Darvish.  So much fun on this night.  

I'm Skeksis and I Know It

Just two days after our 2 hour post deadline coverage, we're back at it again! 

Season 2, Episode 32 - Rock bottom for the Redbirds?

This week was a tough one if you're a Cardinals Fan. If you're a Cubs Fan, you're doing just fine. Pete, Elliott and Ron revisit their recent visit to the friendly confines in Chicago and talk about that series in which they were able to attend together. The conversation stays with the roster decisions, trade deadline and "when to buy or sell".  Braden the habitual show infiltrator joins us in studio this week and caps us all off on the latest from MLB The Show. 

Season 2, Bonus: Matheny is out. Now what?

Ron, Pete and Elliott were joined by Chris Lollis of Cardinals Nation 24/7 and Josh Potter of Two Birds on a Bat and Arch City to discuss the dismissal of Mike Matheny, John Mabry and Bill Mueller.   What is the plan going forward for the Cardinals?  It starts with their new voice, but who will that be?  Also to blame is their roster construction by Mo.  Is he next?  Let's talk. 

Season 2, Episode 31 - Slump Buster Chug!

After taking a week off, the Rivals are back to address the Triple Play of Bud Norris, the Cardinals Front Office, and Cubs fans' expectations.  Not to mention Ron bit off way more than he could chew challenging a  pro to a beer chug competition.  It was sad. 

Season 2 - Episode 30 - Don't Call Me Pops

This week's show starts off with a little #sensualbaseball before diving into the fellas' reactions to the last week's events. Chris Bosio gets fired for racially insensitive remarks? With both teams "struggling", Elliott asks if we still enjoy watching baseball games? With Yu Darvish's slow return from rehab and Tyler Chatwood's command struggles, what will the Cubs do leading up to the trade deadline? And will the Cards buy or sell? Plus, the guys announce details of the Team of Rivals meet up

Team Of Rivals Podcast Live! Cubs-Cards MegaCast

Check out this great video

Team Of Rivals Podcast Live! What the Hell?!

This week's show starts #OldSchool, with Ron and Pete manning the ship while Elliott attends to the family business.  The three eventually dive into a discussion of which team's fanbase is more frustrated: the Cardinals' after a 4-5 stretch against three last-place teams or the Cubs' following a lackluster performance against the division-leding Milwaukee Brewers.  Where does the blame lie for both teams' offensive struggles:  with the coaching or with the players? 

Team Of Rivals Podcast Live! $#!+ Show!

Life is good on the North Side of Chicago.  Things aren't as rosy at the other end of I-55, as evidenced by a special appearance by Ron's son. 

Team Of Rivals Podcast Live! Adam Maurer

Elliott, Pete and Ron were joined by Adam Maurer, a Cardinals fan out in LA.  They discuss Alex Reyes only lasting for 4 innings in his first outing back in the bigs and transition to the Cardinals pitching situation and what to do with all of the arms.  They talk briefly about Rizzo and "The Slide", and the Cardinals offensive woes. 

Team Of Rivals Podcast Live! #CardinalsWhiplash

It's a day early, but th eguys have a whole lot of angst built up for this week's show. 2018 looks a lot like 2017, with both team's offenses struggling. They discusss where Manny Machado will end up at the trade deadline, and Ron's Rants makes a special appearance. 

Team Of Rivals Podcast Live! Trades, Pills and More!

Elliott and Ron man the ship for the first half while Pete made his way home. First up was the mess that Robinson Cano is in, followed by Hitting coaches, NL West vs NL East, Kyle Schwarber is the best defender, and The Cardinals dismal offense. 

Team Of Rivals Podcast Live! Sorry I missed the First Half!

Pete, Elliott, and Ron jump on to cover a WIDE variety of baseball topics. Has it really only been four days since the Cardinals swept the Cubs? So much has happened in MLB that they didn't know where to start. (Of course, it didn't help that Ron was called away just as the show started.) Still, they held it together long enough to discuss the Cubs' and the Cards' offensive woes, Joe Maddon's lineup game, The Machine's 3000th hit, and -- most importantly -- a topic that still makes Ron queasy. 

Team Of Rivals Podcast Live! - It's Not That Big!

Ron, Pete and Elliott are back together again to recap the week that was, to discuss the upcoming Cubs-Cardinals series (with a guest appearance from B), and the joke that Sammy Sosa has become. Ron also goes into the weeds to discuss his disdain for the Three True Outcomes. 

Team of Rivals Podcast Live! - Episode 21

Elliott and Ron recap the week in Cardinals and Cubs baseball and look into the weekend ahead. Elliott raises an interesting question of Darvish or Arietta? GM, what would you do now? Pete was out but he left us with a soundbite. Funny or not? We'll let the audience decide. 

Team Of Rivals Podcast Live! Grumpy Old Men!

Drunk Elliott is taking advantage of $12 seats in the Airport Hanger Park (Miller), so Ron and Pete jump on to recap a weather-shortened Series 1, Anthony Rizzo's OUTRAGEOUS!!! comments about shortening the season, and Bryan Price's trip to the unemployment line. They wrap things up with a get-off-my-lawn rant about the Launch Angle Revolution. 

Team Of Rivals Podcast Live! - Base Brawling!

On this episode we talk the official start of the "base brawling" season. We revisit Yadi's suspension and the logic behind the decision, bat flipping, when to hit a batter and the recent a poor series that the Cardinals and Cubs just finished. Braden crashes the show again and gives his 2018 MLB The Show updates, we wake Chris Lollis up to say "hi" and share a clip from the Dan Lebatard show on the Marlins ridiculousness. Cubs Fan Rage Pete not featured in this episode! 

Season 2, Episode 18 - Cubs Fan Rage!

Ron, Pete and Elliott log on to officially review the first week-and-a-half of baseball covering pretty much everything Cardinals and Cubs, as well as Shohei Ohtani, Bryce Harper, and #CardinalsDevilMagic. Plus, we introduce the first episode of "Ron's Rants".